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On politics and this forum


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After a bit of action from one of out Moderators with one of our members, I was sharing our perspective for running the forum (which I will share again, below).

Here is part of the response from the member, and I thought it would go well here.

I'm sure that there's a few guys on here that resent the forum guidelines and you guys for having to enforce them. While I don't principally agree with the guidelines, it's not my place to try and change them. It is however human nature to try and stretch the boundaries until they break, and a lot of guys will test those boundaries (I did) just to see how strong they are. Perhaps a short thread from the mods clarifying and reinforcing the exact boundaries concerning the guidelines and how they relate to the what's going on now. I don't know.... I'll do what I can to help.



First, let me share the fundamental reason this forum is here. From the start, we have always maintained that this forum was a place for discussions on improving our shooting performance. There have always been places to talk about politics. When we were getting this place together, we looked around and decided that we didn't want to be like them.

We want the focus of this forum to be on improving our shooting performance.

And, no, it is not short sighted to leave the political talk out of that. Why? Because we can get that...literally...anywhere with a signal.

To answer the member above... I don't want to see anybody here suspended or banned due to being upset with the political climate surrounding guns right now. But, this isn't the place to vent those frustrations and thoughts. The desire here is to discuss things that will help our shooting performance.

We aren't going to tolerate political talk.

Instead, talk about improving our shooting performance.

To that end, please don't post something political and just assume we will remove it if it's too much. We don't need the extra work you'd create by doing that. Extra work taxes the crew. That can't end well. Ya follow?

Kyle F.

Forum Administrator

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I'd like to add a thought about the grief we've gotten from forum members who think we are sticking our heads in the sand.

The Moderators here have been involved in this gun-luvin' segment of society for more than a minute. We aren't ignorant or complacent regarding the goings-on. I work for a well known firearms manufacturer and believe me, I'm flooded with these topics all day long and I'm doing what I can. If you don't see us fighting the fight here, it doesn't mean we aren't engaged.

This place is where we come to enjoy what we love about shooting games. This is the place we expect the very highest signal-to-noise ratio.

Thanks in advance for helping keep this forum as Brian intended.

...Mark R.


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