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CMore looses zero

Mark R

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Open Gun, Check zero before next match - check

Verify lock screws are tightened - <duh>

Shot the first stage of the match consisting of a Texas Star, 4 poppers, 6 plates, and 4 paper. Cleaned the star, paper, poppers from the optional further distance...one last plate...shot about 8-12 shots at it to knock it down...all shots where high, finally aimed at pole holding the plate and knocked it down. Twice the time as the other shooters during the match.

Shots all high - Register in brain....NOT! :blink:

Next stage is the dredded classifier "Long Range Standards". 6 rounds on T1 standing. 6 Rounds on T2 kneeling. 6 Rounds on T3 prone with a mandatory reload and 6 more rounds....all at 120 feet. Can't see 38SC hits on target that far.

Aimed all shots at center of large A zone...all hits around head and shoulders area...half over the shoulders as misses.

You have to remember the brain registry from the earlier stage...dot moved, no hitting plate...all shots high..dot moved.

Needless to say, not a good classifier for me. You have got to learn and remember your mistakes.

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I have gotten to where I put an index mark on the body of the Cmore where the slot in the adjustment screws are. I now look after every stage to make sure they are still aligned as part of my between stage routine when I shoot Open.

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I put a verysmall washer under the lockdown screw for the windage adjustment on my C-More and solved the problem. I think it was on this forum that I read that sometimes the lockscrew on the windage bottomed out before it got tight. I never had a problem with the elevation adjustment. The washer solved the windage adjustment and the C-More stays zeroed.

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