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New Shooter Training Tip


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My best friend of some 57 years just purchased his first handgun-Glock 17.

He tried several types; 1911s, M&P, XD, and Glock. The Glock was the best fit. Since he is also my accountant, I got a new Tactical Solution Glock 22 Conversion for him.

We went an indoor range yesterday--it was snowing so shooting outside was not an option. His first two mags had him all over the target with the 9mm. So we started do little minor things to help bring his groups closer. Finally, I told him to focus on the upper left corner of his front sight and not the big white dot.

Holy moly, his groups came down from all over the place to the size of a fist. He has three groups of four shots that were touching each other. Amazing improvement. He was still shooting a little to the left of his point of aim but was consistent in his groups.

Next we put on the .22 TS unit. Now his groups shifted a little to the right of his POA. But again by focusing on the upper corner of the sight really tighten his groups.

He was smiling all night long!!

Now he is asking about a trigger job.....he says I spoiled him with my SV with a Kodiak Precision trigger job.

Next step is to get him to join the NRA.

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