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Updated my .22 long rifle training rifle.


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I actually built my 3-gun AR to resemble the S&W AR-15-22 PC I used for the last 2 Ruger Rimfire WCs I shot. Too bad I could not build it as light. Ended up being a Stag 3GH upper and a custom built Aero-Precision lower. Both firearms have Geissele S3G triggers, long handguards for a forward grip, cantilever mounted tactical scopes and offset iron sights. Admittedly some of the AR parts on my 3-gun were stuff I got off the prize table at the 2011 RR WC, a bunch of Ergo stuff, which is what got me started looking at doing 3-gun. So far after 2 events in 2012 the only thing I have changed for 2013 on the 3-gun is the scope.

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To bad it didn't run that great but at least it looked good. :roflol:

Yep you got me good. My own fault for not thinking about unloaded starts. My rifle has a hard time chambering the first round hand cycled. I don't usually care when I am shooting steel or practicing as I start loaded. But AKJD beat me soundly at this match.


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