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New springer precision 5.25 on its way!


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I just ordered the 9 mm bi-tone version, and it should be at my FFL tomorrow.

Had the trigger redone, grip safety, sight post, and extended mag release. This is my first xdm, and have been ogling them for a year now. I'll post a review once I have had some time with it.

SP was great, and and had it to me in about 5 days.

Only problem I have is I can't find any 9mm ammo. 1 local chain shop was selling boxes of ww white box for $24/50. Said it is the only way to 'stop the frenzy'. Needless to say I'm still looking...

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Got the ammo at took it to the range today. I swear I was 1 inch hole after 50 rounds at 7 yards. Going to shoot some steel tomorrow. Springer trigger and all the rest is AWESOME. What a great purchase!

You were lucky. I just got one from them and I get a nice two inch hole at 6 yards. I found some skate board tape and put some on the rear of the grip in addition to the grip tape that I bought for the front. Good luck finding extra magazines also.


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