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Problems with 10 rnd mags

Big Dog Howie

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I have a new M&P FS in 9mm,shot it the first time in a match Sat in production class,wow not used to all those mag reloads.I shoot CZ's in open and limited and love my CZ's,the M&P is the only plastic gun I will own and shoot.

Ok here is the problem I encountered,it is almost impossible to get that 10th rnd in the mag. I use my Upulua but it will dent the case pushing it down to get the last round in,so I shot the match using 9 rnds +1 which did work out but would be nice to start with 11 instead of 10.

When I got home I was looking over the mags and decided to do an experiment,all my CZ mags have Grams followers and springs I removed the M&P spring and follower and replaced it with my Grams and loaded up the mag with 10 rnds easily (don't worry I have dummy rnds I made with no primers or powder and marked in red with the letter D for dummy,I use these for mag reload practice) I hand cycled them with no issues I did this 3-4 times on alll 5 mags and every rnd cycled and slide locked back on empty mag except 1.I will try this out next Sat to see how they function,hopefully they will run perfect.

Maybe this has already been covered and if it has I appologize for covering it again,just want to know if anyone has had simmilar experiences with factory 10 rnd mags.

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Update.I shot a match today using the Grams followers and springs from my SP01 mags and the mags functioned flawlessly.Was able to load 10 rounds easily and still had some give in the spring,when reloading mags they went in smoothly and did not have to slam them in.

looks like I will be making a call to Beven and order some more follower and spring sets.

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