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Found a place to shoot.

Flatland Shooter

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Last month I found reference on the net about a local range that I had not previously heard of.

Knowing that nothing ventured, nothing gained, I sent the range an e-mail requesting information.

I met with Lynn, the man that runs the range, this afternoon and he kindly gave me the grand tour.

Its a nicely setup facility that is primarily built for cowboy action shooting but he is open to other kinds of shooting.

They have lot of props and target stands free for members to use. Currently use of the steel is limited to lead bullets since that's what cowboy shooters use. But as demand increases, they are willing to do what it takes to meet the demand.

Also, a rifle range out to 200 yards and even a pattern board for my shotgun.

We discussed what I was looking for in a range.

I want a place to practice for USPSA where I can draw from a holster and move from one position to another shooting along the way.

I want to practice for 3-gun.

And I don't want some overzealous range officer that does not understand our sport shutting me down just because he can.

I've found it. I've found a place to shoot. And its less than 20 minutes from the house.


By the way, this guy must be the ultimate cowboy shooter. His arsenal includes a full firing replica of a Colt Gatling Gun in 45-70. Its the shortened "camel" model with full brass receiver. That's gotta be nice.

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