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Yes....you can shoot what they call foster slugs out of that barrel and you may even get some decent accuracy as well. I've seen lots of people do it as a cheap alternative to sabots

YES.....you can shoot shot out of the barrel. HOWEVER......the shot pattern will have an ever increasing hole in the center of the pattern and you probably won't even be able to knock down a popper at 10yds with it. Also......when shooting at clays, aim well off to the left, right up or down to hit that thing. Seen a guy once with a rifled barrel at a match.....needless to say, that was his first and last match with that barrel. I believe that now a days, he is a pretty respectable shooter and will probably NEVER admit to ever using a rifled barrel.

Totally amaze yourself.....get a HUGE piece of card board and try to pattern that barrel at 10 yards.....you will find out in a couple shots that it's not a good choice of barrel for shooting shot out of.....atleast for use in 3 gun. It may have other applications, none that come to mind presently.....maybe trick shooting?


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Shot fired out of a rifled shotgun barrel produces doughnut shaped patterns due to the rotation of the shot column and centrifugal force. At one time Hastings even made a barrel with what appeared to be rifling except it was straight. The idea was to prevent any rotation at all for better patterns. Don't know if it helped or not.

There are some non saboted slugs that are made for both smooth bored guns and rifled barrels but they seem to me to be a trade off and don't work great in either.


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Thank you.

I thought there would not be a drawback to shooting shot out of a rifled barrel but the "doughnut" pattern seems very plausable considering the rifiling. I'm going to try it out myself & will let you know first hand.

As for sabot or rifled slug, I know the sabot is the king of accuracy but I wanted to know if in a pinch, would a slug blow the barrel or do some other type of damage. See, my thinking is, if you (if one) were in a defensive situation what would be his/her options w/ limited choices...& conversely, what's the downside of a sabot out of a smoothbore?

I know for most of you these questions may seem basic, but I'm trying to figure out what are my options if "they" come to my door - meaning what do I do when my "bad black rifles" are taken.


ps . . . what is your recommendation for all-around versility: rifled or smoothbore?

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