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Lead buildup in the body

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I just had my doctor run my blood for the first time last week. The health department just notified me and said my level is 24mcg/dl. and should be around 2mcg/dl. Anyone else this high? I'm wondering if its that high because I shoot indoors twice a week, or because I reload in my garage. Never would have thought that reloading plated bullets would be that bad for our health. Any input would be helpfull.

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I just googled "lead" and found out that:

1. the measurements are bit confusing in my "leaden state" - easy to mix up mcg/dl's with

other meaurements - when you read up on it - be positive you're talking about similar


2. they say symptoms don't show up below 25 mcg/dl, but 25 - 60 can produce some

long term symptoms. The real problems, apparently, start at 60.

Not sure it's the plated bullets - sounds to me like it's more the shooting indoors?

I would imagine that if you're shooting in a commercial range, esp. in Calif, that

they should have pretty good ventilation in place??

Also, possible that you have a badly done lab test - I'd wait a month or two and

try it again - see if you still have high lead levels.

I'd sure cut out something - either the indoor shooting or the plated bullets, at

least for a while until you can get your lead levels down.

Good luck with it.


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I won't shoot indoors. If your tumbler seals, not a big deal to run it indoors, but the dust is leaded when you sift. Ever had a sweet taste in your mouth when sifting out the brass from media? That is lead. There are multiple threads on the same topic here on Enos.

I run a shop vac in between me and the sifter when I dump out the tumbler and when I am sifting. The vac filter goes in a bag and sealed. If you do it outdoors, you are creating a location that will eventually be harmful to kids, dogs, etc.

Here is the article I have posted in other threads: http://dfuse.us/lead.html

Don't take it lightly!

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HEPA 3um absolute air filter runs 24/7 in my reloading area. Even though I shoot fully encapsulated bullets.

CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN.... Washed brass has less leading residue in it than dry tumbled. Plus all my tumbling is done outside.

Indoor Ranges... I try to limit my exposure to lead by only going there 3 times a year.

My lead levels are very low.

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Keep this in mind if you shoot indoors for action shooting. Most clubs' ventilation systems are designed to pull smoke down range or up just down range of shooting areas. Problem is when we are shooting USPSA or IDPA indoors we're often literally running into our own smoke. Not good.

FWIW, and I've posted this before on this forum- I was at 56. I was bummed. I stopped shooting indoors and my lead levels WITHOUT changing anything else went into the teens or very low 20s. My terrible headaches went away! Only other thing I do is use a respirator filter when sifting the tumbled brass....

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Thanks for the article MarkCO. When I shoot at this one indoor range, I have noticed that sweet taste your talking about.

Problem is in California, because of all their stupid gun laws, there are only a few places left to shoot. The closest outdoor range is 45 min's away and expensive to go twice a week with the price of gas. Thanks for all the help guys, this site is the best.

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The closest outdoor range is 45 min's away and expensive to go twice a week .

Grump, I'm in central Florida (eternal sunshine) and the nearest outdoor range is 45 - 50 minutes

away, and I'd rather go there ONE time / week than go to an indoor range

TWO times / week.

I'm shocked that an indoor range in CALIF has inadequate ventilation ... :surprise:

With all those restrictive laws, I would have guessed that indoor shooters

in Calif are at least protected from lead poisoning.

Have you considered going to the indoor range 1 x/week and dry fire or visit

the outdoor range the other time/week? :cheers:

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anyone know if there is an agency to call, and have this indoor ranges ventilation system checked out?

You might want to talk to the management of the range first? The Agency just might

close him down / require a $1,000,000 overall, or something ridiculous - put the range

out of business - no one wins that way. :cheers:

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