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200gr plated SWC load advice


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Looking for a good plinking load for 45. Just grabbed some 200gr plated SWC from xtreme bullets and was curious if anyone had any data. It will be over 231, with CCI primers and speer nickel plated brass. Not too concerned with PF or anything, just want a nice soft shooting plinker load. Thanks in advance guys!

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4.2 to 4.4gr of WST, don't know the FPS. Reduced power recoil spring (14lb) with shock-buff. It slaps steel down fine.

OAL around 1.22" for the Xtreme plated SWC if your running it thru a 1911 type pistol is perfect. If you go much longer, it doesn't like to load in some mags, plus you'll have problems trying to eject an unspent round.

I was using the similar load in my old Para 14-45 Ltd and Colt Govt. years ago but with a lead SWC. Just ran 400rds of the same load with the Xtreme plated 200gr SWC thru my new Para USPSA Todd Jarret edition... Gotta say I'm pretty impressed. That WST is still just as dirty as it used to be though. Gotta love that pepper smell...

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