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I think you should be legally allowed to pistol whip anyone over the age of 15 years old that uses the phrase "come with". ie: I'm going to the bar to watch the game and drink a couple of pitchers of beer, you wanna come with?

That shit drives me nuts.

You don't sound cool when you say it....you sound like a tool.

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Right..............., and you come from SC where we just look at you and say "Comin?"

Actually I'm from NY. Don't get me started on how they speak up there. My cousins live on Long Island...or as they say...:"Lawn-Guy-land". I get shivers every time I hear them speak.

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Bro, you hungry?

MmmHmm. F&^%ing starving!

Let's eat.


And that is about how we do it. I don't know when it was that "bro" became part of the vernacular here. Dude is now used only in 3rd person for the most part. Not familiar with the "come with" thing. I usually don't talk about that kind of thing with friends in public.

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