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SPS Tubes


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I use them in my SVI for practice. They are not the same quality as my SVI tubes but they are only 1/3 of the price and this way my SVI tubes don't drop on the concrete every practice session. The springs aren't the same quality as the ISMI and Gramms I use but then again when they are to weak I change them with something better.

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I've never been able to make one work with 9 mm, making it 98% reliable in 38S took more time than it was worth, and 98% isn't nearly good enough, they hold less than the STI 170mm mag by at least one round and maybe 2. The problem I believe is the spacing on the ribs, as you start to shoot the rounds get space inbetween them and then it starts to nose dive.

In 38S I could get it to run a full mag and think YipEE!, then I would load it a second time and AHHHshit nose dive. I tried Bolens guts, Grams Guts, and STI Guts, nothing worked 100%.

The other day I thoutht about giving it one more go in 9 major with a space and then asked my self did I really need the agravation? Worst $80 I wasted.

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