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DMW Easy Loader Question


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I've emailed both Brownell's and Dave's Metal Works and not heard anything back in over a week (they're probably flooded w/ emails...).

My question is 2 part pertaining to the Rem 1187 20 gauge;

1. Does the DMW Easy Loader disengage the bolt release therefor allowing the lifter to stay up?

2. Is this or a comparable product made for 20 gauge?

I've been loading dummy rounds into my new shotty prepping for an upcoming match. At this point I look like the dummy as the whole thing is SO TIGHT that it's a 2 handed operation.


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If you have any worries about installing it yourself (I did), you can send it to DMW and they'll install it for ~$35 and the price of a flat rate postal box.

I shot a grand total of 1 match with an 11-87 before getting one of these, and it was a 2 handed operation - a major PITA. One guy at the match who wasn't familiar with the 11-87 carrier release button came over to ask about my 'unusual' loading technique.

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