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Opinions on adjustable night sights XDm 5.25


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Does anyone have an opinion on aftermarket (or factory if Springfield makes them) adjustable night sights for the rear sight?


I just picked up an XDm 5.25 45acp the other day and absolutely love it! The rear sight is great for daylight but was looking at using this gun in a low light and vehicle training class.

Any and all thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.



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'adjustable' and 'night sight' do not belong together in the same sentence. Night sights are generally tactical and low profile, hence not adjustable. Adjustable sights are generally for competition.

Changing the height of the front sight or adjusting the load are the typical ways you match a front and rear sight to achieve an acceptable POI.

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On 1/10/2013 at 11:01 PM, The_Vigilante said:

I own 3 XDm 5.25 9mm pistols. All of them were fitted with Dawson Adjustable sights (not night sights) so this is news to me. Maybe the .45 has a different cut for the rear sight. You might call Dawson tomorrow to verify that.

Do you have any pics that you can share? I have a 5.25 and would like to change the rear sight to Dawson. 



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I don't think it will fit. The only adjustable sights they offer for the XD/XDm are dovetailed. The slide itself is milled out for the SA Adjustable sight and secured with a roll pin.

I have a 9 and a 40 5.25 with the rear sight you are referring to, I haven't found a replacement anywhere. One of mine was broke when I bought it so I bought a springer precision mount and put a Viper Venom on it.

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Tough, sturdy combat night sights = fixed irons


Tuneable gofast sights for gun games = adjustable w/ fiber optic front.


Adjustable sights are less than ideal for severe duty so you don't really see them in night sight variations, as was stated above.

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