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Kimber Raptor 2


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I went out to trade a Kimber Officers model for a full size (5") 1911 model. With the times what they are the best option available (in-stock) seemed was a Kimber Raptor 2, I liked the feel it has and thought I can fix any issues it has. I have not shot it yet i plan to get to the range this weekend and run a bunch of Winchester white box through it to make sure there are not hiccups. My question lies in the Kimber brand and the Kimber 2 safety. After I brake it in I plan to take it to a gunsmith good with the 1911 platform and tune or replace any issues i find the pistol has. The trigger seems a little rough, and the thumb safety, as i am used to an STI Edge for competition at this point, but i thought with any pending legislation single stack and a comfortable personal defense weapon might be nice to have, and compete in another class. Is there anyone with experience in the Raptor 2 platform for single stack and still keeping it inline with a carry weapon or am i asking too much? If i were to put a Crimson Trace Grip and just switch it off to compete would this be frowned upon?



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