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SR9C impressions


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I'm considering the SR9C as a possible carry pistol. I'm wondering what folks impressions are of the pistola?

  1. reliability
  2. trigger
  3. sights
  4. accuracy

Those aren't in any particular order except for #1. If it don't go bang even with nonUSA ammo I don't want to stake my life on it.

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I have a SR9c that I use as my EDC.

1. When I first bought the pistol, I was having trigger reset issues. I sent it back to Ruger to get fixed. When it was returned to me, it had the same problem. I talked to them again and they agreed to replace it with a new one. The replacement has been 100% from the day I got it. I have fired everything from UMC, to Tula, to reloads, everything works great.

2. Fantastic. Watch Hickok45's videos about the SR9c, he raves about the trigger.

3. Sights are good, not great. The rear sights are kind of radiused on the top of them. People have said that they don't like them, but it never really bothered me. I can hit good with them, and a lot of that is thanks to the good trigger.

4. No issues here. The great trigger really lends itself to good accuracy as well. If you do your job, it will do its.

I really like this pistol, it feels really good in my hand, the recoil is almost non-existent, and with the longer magazine with the grip adapter it is like you have a full-size handgun in your hand at the range. I feel extremely confident in it as a carry pistol.

I have the stainless version, and I think it is a very good looking handgun as well, if that matters to you. The edges are all very radiused which lends itself to carry.

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