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Lets see your G35 limited guns!


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Pics of mine are posted on another thread on this forum. Glock 35 Gen4, Dawson Adjustable rear and FO front, Zev Ultimate trigger, Zev SS guiderod, ISMI 13# recoil spring, Zev SS magwell, Gorilla Grip skateboard tape, KKM drop in barrel. I had a SJC aluminum magwell but wanted more weight so got a good deal in the Classifieds for a Zev SS. Next step is some dremel work on the trigger guard and getting rid of the finger grooves. I polished everything in the trigger group too. With my reloads (or Atlanta Arms ammo) it has been very reliable and accurate if I do my part.

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Does a G22 count? (only 3/4 of an inch away!)


Dawson sights

Dawson Heavy Magwell

Glockworx mag release

Vanek trigger

Bar-sto barrel

Tungsten guide rod, 13lb ISMI spring

Stippling done by me (talk about tedious work)

Doing all the work myself: priceless

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OK, Just got mine back today. And I am very pleased.


Glock 35 Gen 3 .40S&W

Custom work done by Taran Tactical Innovations



Upgraded sights, TTI black rear and Green fiber optic front for fast sight acquisition

Trigger Job (replaced the connector, springs, changed some angles, polishing and stoning)

Stainless Steel Guide Rod with reduced weight recoil spring,

Seattle Slug to assist with mag reloads and add weight to grip

Laser Engraved

Full wrap around grip job,

- back strap reduction for the gun to point more natural,

- undercut trigger guard for higher grip leading to less felt recoil,

- stippled bottom of trigger guard for weakhand index finger,

- stippled side of frame for weak hand thumb

Also (5) Glock Firepower large magazine base pads to add +5 capacity to Magazine (20 total)

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Looks sharp!!! Seen some nice work done by Taran Tactical. How are there turn around times??

Sent to them on 12/31/12, got them back 1/11/13, (Almost said sent them last year, and just got them back)

Good communication too.

I am very pleased with the results. Just got back from the Range, performance and accuracy were spot on. The bullets went where I aimed, and with the new sights, aiming was much easier. The trigger was exceptionally smooth. :D

Tomorrow will be the real proof, shooting at my monthly local match tomorrow.

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My G35 & it's little brother G22...






Lone Wolf Barrel, Zev tech competition pack, Lone Wolf 3.5# connector, polished internals, Dawson ICE magwell, Sevigny sights (recently installed), Tungsten guide rod with 14# recoil spring...nice crisp trigger & very accurate

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