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Moving to AZ questions


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Well the republic of Kalifornia has some new laws in the works and may be the final push to finally move my family out of here. My private job, and interstate transfer within the guard don't seem to be a problem, my family is on board so now that the priorities are sewn up I'm wondering if anyone can chime in on the clubs that are close to Chandler AZ.

I don't want to turn this into a political debate the fact is CA gun laws suck and the state will continue to create more suck just seeing how the climate is I know Hot but what can I expect at those local venues in regards to prices membership fees so on and so forth. In regards to matches I'm looking at more matches in regards to USPSA, Multigun, and steel challenge for me and my girls on Saturdays and Sundays* most importantly.

If a move comes it will likely be at the end of 2013 definitely sometime after Sept.

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Yah I've seen there are a lot of clubs close within 19-30 miles I'm more interested in knowing who shoots where who avoids this and that and for what reasons. I have family there and will likely do some shooting as my wife and I play with the idea so I'm trying to make those future trips all encompassing to see what the entire move might be like. Thanks!

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Born and raised in CA and have lived in AZ since 1993. Understand exactly what you are talking about.

Rio Salado in Mesa AZ. You will see many mention of this range here in the forums.


Look through the matchs and reults. Huge number of shooters, lots of GMs, Masters etc all the way down to novice. Located in East Mesa, 30 mins from most of Chandler or less.

There are a couple of indoor ranges in your area for practice and training. Caswells, C2, and Queen Creek.

Phoenix Rod and Gun in south Phoenix another option. http://www.phoenixrodandgun.org/

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If you want to do practical shooting this is one of the best places to be. You get to shoot weekly matches and compete against som really good shooters and even get free advice from them. The Drillmaster class with Rob Leatham is even cheap.

Rio Salado (probably the closest) - Mesa

4 USPSA clubs = 4 matches a month on the weekends (check the schedule). Signup starts at 7am (8 in winter) and signup is open for 1.5 hours. There is no real squading or membership, just show up, pay the match fee and shoot. Since they have experienced setup crews the stages are really good. About 50-70 shooters a match.

Tuesday Night Steel

Every Tuesday night 4-7pm signup. 4 stage steel match. This is a fun match, but can be quite busy with longer wait times. About 170-190 shooters a night.

Phoenix Rod and Gun - South Phoenix

1 USPSA match, the first Saturday of the month. Nice stages, but not always as elaborate as Rio. About 25-35 shooters each match. The lines are a bit smaller because there are less shooters.

Thursday Night Steel

Similar to Rio's TNS match, but fewer people and less lines.

Ben Avery - North Phoenix

USPSA - they have USPSA matches, but because it is farther away and there are other matches closer I do not get out to those matches.

Ben Avery Steel Challenge

There are two monthly SC matches, the second Sunday and the third Sunday. Both setup all 8 stages. The second Sunday match includes a shoot-off and rifle/shotgun "after match" competitions included in the match price. The third sunday match submits scores to SCSA.

I only shoot handgun and these are the matches I am familiar with, I know there are many more. All of these matches have setup and teardown crews so you will not have to do that, but no will argue if you offer help (match fees are waived for helpers). Rio and PR&G have range memberships, a little over $100 a year I think, and the third Sunday match at Ben Avery has a club membership. None of the matches require a membership, but the match fees are a few bucks cheaper when you are member. I don't remember all the fees but it is from $8 (member at PR&G ThNS) to $23(?) at Ben Avery SC.

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