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Greetings from rainy Washington


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Hello everyone,

New to the forum, but been lurking for some time after finding the site when buying reloading equipment and trying to choose amongst the brands.

I've been shooting for years; hunting and targets as a kid, 10 years in the Marine Corps infantry, and just started competitive shooting last year hitting a dozen or so "fun with steel" matches at a local club using both my 1911 and AR. Even entered several .22 competitions that were a hoot! Got schooled the first couple of times but am getting the hang of things quickly. Hoping to keep my ear to the ground and hit a few 3 gun matches this year as well.

I ended up with the Dillion XL650 and am currently reloading .45 ACP and .223. I'm hoping to start reloading .380 later this year.

Most of what I shoot is practice with .22 (either rifle or my knock off Sig 1911).

My competitions so far have all been shot with my Springfield Loaded 1911 and a RRA CAR A4. I have a few sporting shotguns, but am looking to pick up one for competition this year - obviously this has become a chore given the current climate...

Hoping to do lots more reading in the forums to see what others are doing and save my already small budget from poorly researched purchases.

Thanks in advance everyone,


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Hello you two.

I just joined this forum.

I'm in Seattle (Northeast) and am looking at the various ranges.

I shoot all sorts of guns: 16ga & 12 ga shotguns, .308, .303, 7mm Rem Mag and have a few older guns I may get going as well.

I just purchased my first handgun - a Sig P250 Compact in .45 ACP and am enjoying the hell out of it.

I'm waiting for Brian to deliver my Dillon setup so I can shoot the gun with reasonable economy.



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