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EZWinScore Question


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I was asked a question today by a competitor, for which I haven't been able to find an answer. See the attached results from EZWin Score for the Baseball Standards classifier (forgive the rough formatting). Baseball Standards is fixed time of course. So there is not really a "time" component to the scoring. Note that for five of the competitors, EZWin Score put a "1.00" in the Time column. The rest of the competitors all have "0.00". I can't see any relation between the score and the 1.00 value. Likewise there doesn't seem to be a relationship to penalties or extra shots. Does anyone know what the significance of the "1.00" is? Thanks in advance.


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Fixed Time hit factor is net points. Misses are not penalized, only overtime shots, no-shoots, and procedurals will reduce the score as shot. Since hit factor is net points divided by time, a value of one is used, but not necessarily shown in the Time entry field. Shoot 100 points, 1 overtime shot gives a net 90 points. 90/1 = 90.0000 HF.

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