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Checking in from Monument, CO


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Hello from Monument (north of Colorado Springs)

Came across Brian's website after seeing some recommendations on a local shooting forum. While I've been shooting for over 30 years, reloading is still new to me. Look forward to learning from others on the forum and hopefully return the favor (as long as the questions are easy).

Started out loading heavy 45-70 loads for my Marlin Guide Gun and picked up heavy 45 Colt and 454 Casull ammo, along with .308 Win, .257 and .340 Wby ammo. My experience has been with a RCBS Rockchuker single stage press, which worked well since I wasn't shooting a lot of this caliber.

Looking to upgrade to a Redding turret press, to simplify setting/resetting the dies and caliber changes but also looking at a Dillon RL 550B for .223, 9mm and 45 ACP

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Welcome to the forum.

I bought my Rock Chucker back around 1976 and she's still on the bench. Loaded lots of 25-06 varmit loads for several years.

Most of reloading (99.9%) is now done on a Dillon 550 acquired back in 1985.

If you are looking at buying both the Redding and the Dillon, consider getting the Dillon first. You might find its more than enough press to fill your needs.


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