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Newbie from Houston, Texas


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Hi all,

After a very long hiatus of not owning any firearms, I just picked up an XDm 5.25 Competition in .40. I immediately put 100 rounds through it at Top Gun range and am thoroughly impressed. Isn't it nice when the first round through a new firearm goes right through the 10 ring!?

I'm very interested in getting started in some competitive shooting in the Houston area and meeting likeminded folks in the process. Most importantly, I'm looking for formal and informal instruction from people who actually know what they're doing, unlike me. I'm sure that I have bad habits that I need to break and look forward to learning and practicing new things.

I'm looking for instruction anywhere in or around Houston, especially near work in Spring/The Woodlands. Any direction is much appreciated.

A bit more about me: 35, married, baby on the way (any day now!), ex-NASA guy who is now in the energy business. I haven't met an expensive hobby I haven't liked. When I'm not working on my car I'm usually flying RC helicopters or airplanes.

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If you are interested in USPSA or Steel Challenge matches, here is the website for the local Section. Here they post dates and directions to local ranges for monthly matches.


If you would like to fast track yourself into a major match that just happens to be local, the Texas Open will be held March 8th - 10th at the Impact Zone Range just south of Waller.

I spoke to the match director over the weekend and their January monthly match (also at Impact Zone) will be a Special Classifier Match so that any new shooters (or someone that wants to switch divisions) can get classified before the match.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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