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Primer pick up tube dimension help needed

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I am making some primer tube fillers but I am away from my reloading gear. I need to know the ID and OD of the Hornady and Dillon primer pickup tubes so I can machine some parts. I was assuming the Hornady and Dillon tubes were they same but could use dimensions on both just to be sure. Thanks everyone and have a great year!!!!!

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You probably have the dimensions by now but since I am working on making some spare primer pick-up tubes (tired of extra high pricing on ebay/gunbroker and long waits at Dilon) I thought I would offer the info for others. Here are the dimensions and the McMaster-Carr part numbers for a 3 foot piece of the aluminum tubing they are made out of. It is available in 6 foot lengths also. I ordered a 3 foot piece of each size and have a whopping $22.69 invested.

Small Primer tube = .183 ID x 5/16" OD Part #89965K18

Large Primer tube = .215 ID x 5/16" OD Part #89965K472

The pick-up tubes are 12" long so you can get 3 spare tubes out of a 3 foot stick. I cut and filed the ends nice and clean, drilled a little hole for the hair pin and am waiting on my primer tube filler to arrive from Midway USA so I can try them on it.

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