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I'm new to the forums but just ordered three pistols from Brazo's (two high performance edge one in .9mm one in .40S&W) and the STI Perfect ten.) and if half of what I'm reading one this forum and a couple others is true I can't wait to get my hands on these pistols.

My question is what all is done to the Edge for the high performance upgrade?

I know what's listed on the site but was wondering what else goes in to it?

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I have a Brazos HP Edge in 40 and like it alot. The web page pretty much sums it up, but all those things put together become a great pistol. Think Synergy. All those tweeks and adjustments come together to give you a semi-custom gun that shoots great.

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I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on these pistols.

Thanks PTK makes sense when put that way (never had a "custom" built gun always off the rack)

Thanks Jack you just made the 21st seem like a lifetime away now. LoL.

Anything special I need to do before shooting them besides strip them down and oil them up?

Are they similar to an AR and need to be run "wet"?

Last 1911 I had (Sign Tac-Ops) had a real fine line between wet/dry run/wouldnt run.

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Wanted to add thank you for the help on all this I'm a total noob on a lot of this been shooting all my life just mostly shotgun and long gun.

This will a whole new area for me and it will be a little bit before I can go out and take the training classes I want and maybe even try a match or two.

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The website sums it up pretty well. I do go through the whole pistol while I have it apart and if I see anything that needs to be fixed I either fix it or send it back to STI for warranty and take another one out to work up. We will give you a packet of instructions with the gun on loads, maintenance, break-in etc. and you are always welcome to call us with questions. We are not just selling you a gun but our expertise as well.

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