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Number of Stages?

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I prefer to choose a 1 day schedule, so I've shot plenty of 12 stage area and section matches. Some go quick and some don't. I'e done a few that were more than 12 stages and they all were an endurance test.

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12 is too many for one day for me,, assuming 10-12 person squads,,, be hard to get it in if one little snafu arises figuring an hour at least per. Thats a long grueling day.

Personally why stick to one format. ? Cut your match in half,,, AM session PM session over 2 or more days.  At preregistration let people sign up in squads they want. 
Shooter A signs up for a Saturday AM, Sat PM squads, dun in a day. SHooter B could do a Friday PM, Saturday AM,   Dont think it would be too hard to put options in at sign up.

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