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Shot this one today at SWPL/Lopez Canyon

Production, 7.82 sec, 1c and 1d, those were the first and last shots respectively.

Felt like about a 90%, calculator puts it at 93%, goodbye A-class.

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Shot this yesterday for the first time at M'burg as a "C" class shooter. God that middle target got me good. The stage winner at this match shot this just 2 tenths of a second faster than me. Only problem was he didn't kill any of the good guys. For anyone listening out there, go for the head shot on that center target. It's the safe money here.

Time 11.43, 20 penalty points, hf 3.237.

Live and learn I guess!

Head shot or A zone - same chance for error left and reight but with A zone you have some vertical error allowable. That being said shot this one yesterday at 9.48 with a noshoot, thought I was being conservative. Oh well.....

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This one is Tough. Shot open 7.38 68pts., dropped 2 and looks like 85%... :o

Nice shooting there.

I shot this one today at our little local club match, and even though I wanted to go a little faster, I only pushed myself just enough to get it under 8 seconds at 7.56 down 2 points.

I can't believe that's only an 82%. <_<

Max is a machine for getting it under 6.

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8.95 seconds, 67 pts 7.4860 HF.. Showing 80.06% in Single Stack.

This is a decent classifier, that middle target certainly makes you have to focus in the middle of each pass or you'll pay the price!

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Sheer madness has unlocked this thread after almost five years!


Anyway, I'm going to be shooting this classifier in an upcoming match.  I've been practicing in dry fire a few different ways to shoot it, but the quickest method I've come up with is kind of a quick transition from target 1-2, regular cadence for 3-5, then another quick transition for 6-7.  If you shoot Steel Challenge, it's kinda like the transition you have on the first two targets of Roundabout.  Sort of like BapBap Bap Bap Bap BapBap


When I do this my times are significantly faster, but it seems like this method could be inviting disaster.  I drop another charlie or two when I try this, and sometimes even hit the no shoot.  However, I can get under 7 seconds pretty routinely this way.  Does this sound like a reasonable method, or should I stick with a normal shooting cadence?


Edit: I'm shooting open major, for reference

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