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Advanced IPSC Skills Course

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The Waterford Sportsmans club will be hosting me for a two day Advanced Skills course on the 3rd and 10th of June. Contact me to sign up, there are only 10 slots available, pat@patharrison.ca

This will be a great opportunity to get ready for the 2012 season.

I know this is short notice for many but I have been working in getting something set up before the Provincials in order to get trained up for the bigger matches. Hopefully this will work out for some of you.

Advanced IPSC Competition Course

Work on developing your competition skills. This course will help you develop yourself as a shooter with focus on techniques needed in IPSC Competition. All skills and culmination of those skill will be learned using the Crawl, Walk, Run method which I have found is very successful in training.


Core skills

Draws – Standing, table, unloaded and others.

Reloading – static, moving, table


Recoil management

Advanced skills



Shooting on the move

Speed development

Special attention will be given to learning methods used to negotiate Courses of Fire, and working on drills that help with the decision making process known as Stage doping. Students will not only advance their skills but also learn how to use it to their advantage in matches. All Divisions covered.

Students will need:

Black Badge

Reliable Pistol or Revolver

5-6 Magazines or Speedloaders

PPE (eye and ear protection)

500-600 rounds of ammunition

Belt rig meeting IPSC rules

Note pad and Pen/Pencil

Cost $200

Because we are doing this over consecutive weekends what I am looking at doing is charging $100/day. If you can only make the first day then it is $100. Day one really focuses on the core skills and will be a good building block for anyone. Day two builds on this and uses those skills RO help learn how to apply them to stages. For that reason only competitors who completed day one will be accepted for day two. Without being able to apply correct, consistent skills you will not get the most out of day two.

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Any chances on getting this set up again at Waterford, Brant, etc?

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