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Hitting the 500rd mark


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I'm glad I spent the money on such a nice pistol. Smooth, accurate, flawless on the cheapest brass ammo I can find, and looks nice too. Only thing that could make it better is if it were free!

Or if it came with a lifetime supply of ammo :roflol:


And my pouches and UpLULA and 3 new mags should be here Thursday. This latest delivery will round out my first production game rig!!

Shadow in a BT DOH and 5 Amadini Ghost 360 pouches on a CRSpeed belt. I've been practicing live and dry with my gear so far. Read the rulebook a few times. Watched lots of videos. I got the safety rules no prob. Not worried about being able to follow them either, dad ingrained muzzle control with my first rifle at 11 years old. So I feel very safe holding and moving with a pistol. It's takin some time and money, I've got lots of the former but limited supplies of the latter. So far I feel I've spent the right amount with the right people and feel very satisfied with my purchases.

First match in May! Yeah baby!!

That's what I like and I'm stickin to it.

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