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Ken Tapp, anyone know what he's doing now?

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I shot with ken when he lived in Winchester Kentucky  I bought my lead from him when I was shooting. Ken was also a teacher and mentor I have wondered for a long time as to how he is doing. I hope he is still doing great. He was the real deal,  I purchased  lot of HG168 gr from him.   Ken if you read this I took a one on one all day class I 1986 when I was a police officer at your home . hope you are well......   Mike from Irvine.

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On 8/5/2015 at 6:08 PM, benos said:

That is an awesome story all around!


The best shooters can pick up any gun that is the same platform as their own and do well. Not surprising out of Ken Tapp. Also not surprised by Jim Clark and company. They've always gone out of their way to take care of me and I'm Nobody. I suspect they treat everyone the same way. And for someone like Ken Tapp...  Well, what's he gonna do? Take it and you never see him again? Don't think that would happen.

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Hello everyone! Don't know if anyone will see this but figured I would post an update on my uncle, Ken Tapp. He and my aunt have sold their farm in Oklahoma and moved to the Seattle area. Uncle Ken's brother, Maynard lives there. The farm became too much to handle and he's 88 now so I'm not terribly surprised that they sold their farm. I am really hoping to be able to see him but he can't manage the trip back to Kentucky. I have read the comments on here so many times..I sincerely thank you for the stories! Sending everyone warm regards!

Ms. Laryn Tapp


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