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357 mag loads that just make major?


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Anybody know any good 357 mag loads with a 158 grain lead bullet that will just make major. I know full house 357 loads are way overkill. I am looking for a load that is easy on the gun as well hence the downloaded 357 mag load. I also have some 200 grain roundnose lead I could load but they are harder to find. I have a 686 I want to shoot is uspsa for something different. thanks


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With an 158gr bullet, you only need 1076fps to make 170PF. No direct experience here, but examining powder manufacturers load guides, it looks like there are several powders that could do the job. In no particular order IMR SR-4756; Winchester Autocomp; Hodgdon Universal; Alliant Power Pistol or Blue Dot; and perhaps Accurate No.5.

Again, I have not tried any of these; this is only based on some quick research of loading manuals.I hope a more experienced loader can chime in and either confirm or deny my guesses as I am about to start loading for 357 mag myself and I think this level of load would appeal to me. I have no desire to beat on my Python. My dies came from midway, but I'm still waiting on my shell plate I ordered from wideners.


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