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Tuned Mags?


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Who sells ready to race tuned 140mm mags for Limited?

I saw Brazos has STI mags tuned for $125. Anyone know of a better option?

My skill level isn't likely sufficient that 1 or 2 rounds will make a difference, but as I understand it the SVI mags will usually hold one more. I don't understand the difference between old and new tubes though. I will need them to work in an STI frame. I also don't have any basis for how to pick between gram and dawson basepads, can anyone explain how they picked?

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Shooters Connection sells the Superior Firearms mags but they are more expensive. I had some Brazos and they are awesome so they may be your best option for pre-tuned mags. Also, Mag Blueprinting would be another option. Many gunsmiths stopped doing mags since it takes so much time to tune and prep them.

Also, there are many members on here that do it also and that may be cheaper than going through one of the aforementioned places. If you are DIY'er, there is a tutorial on it under FGW area here on the forum...

Grams or Dawson is really about cosmetics, since from Brazos, they hold the same amount. In other applications, you may be able to squeeze out another round using one or the other, depending on tube, follower, etc.

Good luck

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Hello: Buy a STI 140mm tube, Grams follower/spring 11coil, and either a Dawson +1 or Grams (2.5mm) base pad. Put everything together and make sure it drops free. That will give you a very reloadable 19 rounds. You can get the stuff from Shooters Connection. The new STI tubes are better at being the same size and should work fine. Hope this helps. Thanks, Eric

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Brazos makes a great mag. I got one of his SC limited guns about 6-7 years ago and got a set of his mags with it. I think I have changed the springs and followers twice since I got them and they have yet to malfunction on me. When I got the mags they had the dawson basepads which work great. The difference between the grams and dawson basepads besides cosmetics is that the grams are lighter than the dawsons. I recently switched to Bolen basepads because I wanted to try something new but if i didn't switch I would still be using the original dawson basepads.

If you want SV mags you need to get the old style as the new ones have to be worked on to fit and drop properly from STIs. The easier way to tell the difference between old and new style is that the new ones are engraved on one side with SV's logo and the caliber for the mag.

Hope this helps


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