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Use this as a tumbler polish?

Ed Robinson

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Ive got this bottle of brass cleaner bought from some door to door vendor called Colonel Brassy. It will clean the heck out of brass,silver,chrome etc. I got to wondering about adding it to tumbling media but not sure if it would weaken brass.Here is what their website says:

Colonel Brassy is a water based cleaning compound mixture of flux-calcined, glycols and H20

Citric Acid-4.5%


Propylene Glycol-18%

Diatomaceous Earth-24%


Anybody see a reason this would cause any weakening of brass?

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Don't think so.

The citric acid has the same effect that vinegar does in terms of reducing tarnish. The diatomaceous earth sounds like a polishing agent, and the other two agents are emulsifiers/carrying agents.

Nothing ammonia like in there that I can see.

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