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Repeating success


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I've been shooting competitively for about a year. My match results have steadily improved every time out. Two weeks ago I recorded my first top 5 finish and a stage win at a local IDPA match. Last weekends steel match was my first setback at a match. My trigger control was horrible. I touched off at least 3 shots way too early. Lots of shots were high. My double action first shot, usually money, were often misses. I was not shooting with confidence or focus. I finished in the bottom half of the standings.

What I learned: I'm calling shots. I made up all my misses immediately, often before feedback from the steel or RO. I was pushing for time instead of shooting my game. Speed doesn't make me a better shooter, accuracy does.

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Speed will make you a better shooter, accuracy will make you a better shooter. Accuracy combined with speed will make you a great shooter.

Use your practice sessions to see how fast you can hit the *thumb rest [generic]* before accuracy suffers. Then let off the gas a bit until you have maximum speed and maximum accuracy. Then shoot at that pace in a match.

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