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magazine release cuts for SS


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Hello guys, I have I suppose average size hands and compete in ss. Have any of you noticed a difference in your magazine releases

with grips that have the relief cut in them? I like the way they look without the cuts but if it will speed up my mag changes I am

not opposed to them.



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As Bill Clinton often said, "I feel your pain". I too can't reach the mag button without releasing my grip and rotating the pistol slightly. I bought a set of VZ grips (damn nice grips by the way) with the relief cut and I can't say it helped a whole lot. My next move is to buy a threaded mag button and try one of the extensions.

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My oldest daughter shoots a 1911 and she has small hands. She has VZ thin grips with the thumb relief notch, along with this she has a D&T mag release with a CR Speed extended button. With this set up she doesn't have to rotate the gun to do a mag change. She originally shot a Wilson extended mag release, it just sticks out a little different. Here's a pic


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I have small hands and love the cut. I have to rotate the gun in my hand but the cutout aims my thumb right at the mag release.

I use VZs, but the 10-8 grips are great too.

If anyone has a set of VZs WITH the thumb relief but would prefer to have grips WITHOUT the cutout, let me know, because I'd gladly trade the one set I have left without the cutout for the right set of VZs with the cutout.

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I just installed a set of VZ Operators II on mt STI Trojan (45ACP) and found that I can manipulate the mag release better, grippy buggers too. I have large hands. :D

I like them, so much so, I ordered another set for my 40 cal Trojan. :D

If you find the thimb groove too narrow, then you might like Harrison's scoop grips or 10-8's grips. They're both make by VZ.

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