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Thumb Safety part source


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I got an itch to try out the thumb safety on my M&P40L. Anyone know where I can get the parts for the conversion? I think I will need the following parts; Thumb safety lever, Sear block for Thumb safety model, Ejector for thumb safety model. I am prepared for the small cut out on my frame; no biggie. The lever is available from SSS, but the other two parts I can't seem to find. Anyone know of a source? Thanks to all.

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The frames and sear blocks for guns with safties are different from the other guns. The only way to put a safety on a gun is if your gun has the frame already cut for it other wise you will be cutting through the internal metal chassis. Then there is the matter of the sear blocks being completly different between guns with the frame cuts vs ones without.

Sorry to rain on your parade. :(

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