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Plunger tube housing flying loose while shooting?


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Hi all,

Yeah, just like the title says.

I am fiddling around making grips for 1911's out of micarta. Here is an example:


as you can probably imagine, I have some time invested in making jigs. The trickey part is buzzing the radius at the top of each panel, which is done by hand...err...eye. And then relieving (rabbetting aka "rebating") the back of the driver's side panel to fit over the plunger tube housing.

In theory, it would save a lot of time and make the whole operation less risky if I could cut the grips's tops just straight across.

My STI Trojan's plunger tube housing is integral with the frame, from what I can tell.

My Colt, on the other hand, has its plunger tube staked on.

What say you?

Thanks! :cheers:

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who wants thin grips?


I put a new 60 grit disc on the 12 inch disc/belt machine.


it took some material off in a hurry. :blink:



ahhh....jeeesh! well, if some of these driver's side grips aren't salvageable, that means the passenger's side gets pitched in the trash too. ARggh... :angry2:

I think I learned my lesson... just take it so far with the disc, then move over to the 100 grit belt. :(

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The usual thing that you see when a plunger tube comes loose is that the safety plunger slides off the side its detent and projects along the side of the safety. That will lock the safety into the "on" position at the most-inopportune time. Not worth the risk to me. I'd keep the grip tight where it would prevent a complete let-go....

(That micarta pattern is sure pretty!)

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