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High HF 16 round course


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We shot this one Saturday. Most liked it, a few hated it. If you like fast stages with HFs in the 10s, this might be one to try out. I was a little surprised that the start position got a lot of people hung up. The 2 stacked targets were basically right on the centerline of the wall plane as set up.


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Did most people run up to the fault line by the stacked barrels and engage everything from there?

You know, I am always amazed with what freestyle shooting brings out. Some of the faster Open guys moved up on the draw and stood a step or so back from the front of the box and hosed them all down doing little twist transitions. Some drew and did paper on the move and pushed in as far as they could for the steel. SS and Production guys typically went up and did one side of the barrels at a time with a flat footed reload. I have always shot Limited and just switched to Production, and I did the paper on the move, reloaded and shot the steel with one lean on the right.

It was the draw that really got a lot of people. They are used to stepping into a box, or turning in a box. Most started with a foot in an a foot out and some never figured out that the "in" foot whould be the pivot.

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