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Full Size Mags for M&P 9c


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I've seen grip extensions that wrap around the bottom of a standard M&P magazine, essentially making the grip continuous on a M&P compact. Are these legal in SSP? Same question about the magazine extensions that add a place to rest the pinky finger on a 9c.

Not really related to the rules, but how much of a disadvantage is there in using a compact vs. full size? Looking for a gun I can use for carry and IDPA, but I'm not sure which compromise to make - using FS and being a bit harder to conceal (how much harder is it anyway) or using a compact and being at a disadvantage in IDPA.

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the only rule i could find that addresses it is that you can't modify magazines to weigh more than 1 oz more than stock. my digital scale says there's only .4 oz difference between the two.

the pinky rest is for sure legal, because it's a stock part (my m&p came with 1 pinkie rest and one flat).

As to whether it's a disadvantage, that depends on whether you are playing a game (definitely a slight disadvantage), or engaging in realistic tactical defense training for life-and-death situations (in which case using a compact is an advantage, because you'll be training with the same equipment you carry for tactical life and death realistic self-defense real-world situations.) ;)

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researching another confusing rule, I came across this in the recent idpa rules addendum, which appears to specifically authorize a situation such as this (using full-size mags in a compact gun)

The use of magazines that extend past flush with the base of the

grip are allowed as long as the gun still fits the box with the

magazine inserted. The rules for division capacity would still be

in effect.

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