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.45 feed lip dimensions


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Can anyone post the correct .45ACP feed lip width(inside) for a Wilson 47D, 10 rounder, and the McCormick 10 rounder. I assume they are the same.

This gun is having death jams at slide lock(IDPA). It won't move at all sometimes, and other times it moves a hair and stops. Bumping it with the heel of you hand won't budge it sometimes. It never jams when shooting though.

I know one at least two mags are worse than others. A full mag feels too tough to unload with your thumb, and rough when the round slides out(they have been cleaned).

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Thanks ya'll. Yes, I use a CP buff, and changed it when this started. I was thinking the same thing. Too many mags all of a sudden seem bad.

I'm gonna take a hard look at the link and slide stop.

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