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Trouble with M1s90


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During loading practice tonight, my M1 started failing to eject a shell from the tube during unloading??? When I press the shell release button, nothing happens. If I run the bolt back a few times hard after pushing the shell release, it would finally release a shell. I took it apart and everything seems in order and it function checks fine empty, but when I have shells in the tube, I have the problem.

Any suggestions????

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I'd check to see if the magazine spring is binding in the tube for some reason (getting caught at the junction between the mag tube itself and the extension, perhaps).

I've also seen where the clamp was tightened down too much and crushed the tube just enough to cause this issue.

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I figured it out. I had just put on a DMW quick release bar on my bolt release button and it was putting just enough pressure on the button to keep the carrier release from disengaging when there was some pressure in the mag tube. I bent it out a bit and everything seems to working fine now.

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