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Burris Optics: Products and Customer Service


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I recently purchased a Burris MTAC 1.5-6x for Open Division for Multigun. When I mounted it up along with a Burris Fastfire on a 45 degree mount I noticed that the tall turret of the 1.5-6 protruded into my field of view of the Fastfire. I called Burris to see if they could put shorter turrets on their to get it out of the view of the red dot. I was told to do it and the turn around time would be 3-4 weeks. I told them that I was planning on using it for SMM3G and that timeline would be cutting in close. I was told to put a note in the box with the deadline and when I asked how much it would cost to switch the turrets, they said, "We'll take care of you." I sent it in with a note of when I needed it back by which was approximately 3 weeks. I tracked my package and saw that it was delivered on a Monday to Burris. When I got home from work on Tuesday, to my complete surprise I had a package from Burris on my doorstep. So not only did Burris change the turrets for me at no charge, they completed the job the day they received the package and then overnighted it back to me on their dime. I can not say how happy I am with their customer service and due to me owning 2 MTAC's, 1 TAC30 and 2 Fastfires, that shows how happy I am with their products. I will continue to buy and support Burris in the future.

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Yeah. It covered a bit less than half of the glass on the red dot. Now with the short turrets you can still see them but the are out of the way enough that its acceptable. Fyi i'm using a Warne RAMP mount with the integral 45 degree mount. A different mount may get it out of the way more.

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