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Magazine extensions

Danny M

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I live i California and compete with a G17 in IDPA and IPSC events. I have pre ban 17 round magazines and have just bought magazine extensions from Arredondo.

Two with the plus 4 and one with the plus 6. I installed them it went smoothly. And by the way the plus 4 is really 2 or 3 depending on the mag. Disipointing to say the least

I went to the raange tonight and have quit a few failure to feed issues.

I would be id magazine and the slide would lock in place, i would just release the slide and get back to shooting.

i was running reloads that I bought at an Los Angeles area gun show and have had no problems with failure to feed.

My question is.

Are these extensions reliable or are they a gimick product. I have always liked the reliability of the Glock. But I had nothing but issues with these extensions.

Any help would be great.

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I've got 3 Arredondo Glock extensions and all have run flawlessly. I usually only put 4-5 extra with the 6 round extension, definitely can't get 6 extra with it. What generation Glock magazines are you using?

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They shouldn't need a lot of tuning. About the only issues that I see regularly is when people try to use them in a gun with a magwell. Some magwells don't like some magpads and some trimming needs to be done before you can insert a magazine without using a mallet.

On the top of your follower, there is a number. What is it? That will give a basic clue as to which generation magazines we're dealing with.

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I don't know what to tell you about your problems with the Arrendondo's unless it is mag related. I have probably a dozen of the Arrendondo's for my G24's I can get +5 in them but I can't do a closed bolt reload with them as the mag won't catch. I also have 4 of the Taylor +8's that hold 24 rounds again not reloadable. I have conluded that if the mag doesn't hold what it should with the extension it is probably the mag's fault. Glock made a change to the mag body during the ban but that doesn't mean pre-ban and post-bans are not the same.

What Braxton said about the follower is important. I ordered some new ones for my 40 mags and received number 9's.

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The first few times I loaded my mags with Arredondo extensions I didn't get the full capacity. The new mag springs are pretty stiff. After cycling them through a few times I was able to get the full 20+1 in 40 and 23+1 in 9mm.

If your mag bodies are the limiting factor and it's not just a spring breaking thing, I'd suggest 44mag.com They will sell you rebuild kits so you can replace your preban mag bodies and followers with new ones. Just make sure when you assemble your mags that you don't assemble more mags than you started with :D

You mentioned your slide locking in place? Do you mean the slide release was holding the slide open or there was a feeding jam? I had an issue with my slide release last year at the Area2 match. I think I had put the gun back together wrong and didn't have the slide release spring under the top pin. When shooting freestyle I was fine, but when I went weakhand around a corner it would lock back randomly.... not fun. I'm not sure if this is what you're describing, but it could be something to look at if it is.

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Thank you for all the information in the replies.

I have reassembled the magazines and will try it out again. I might be that I was firing reloads from the local gun show I bought a 1000 of.

I did not have any issues previously with the loads so I thought it would be a non issue.

I will also check the slide release spring, though I have not missed it yet being in the right spot.

In response MustangGreg66 the slide release was holding the slide open, there was no feeding jam.

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