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Grip question for production...


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My son is starting out with a 92FS with factory grips.

I got a used INOX 92FS to shoot with him. It has the factory rubber houge grips.

For now we are just doing local, unofficial matches.

Plan for recognized later.

By the minor external modification , etc. rules

for outfitting him ,

Mag release could be upgraded to Elite II extennded, or Stock extended checkered.

Ok for D spring, Elite II hammer, etc.

Grips could be upgraded to factory rubber houge.


can the grips be upgraded to rubber houge panel grips (they are the same as the factory ones but have a houge emblem instead of Beretta)?

Can ergo grips be used (the are basically factory grips that have been stipled)?

Thank you for any info.

Ergo grips on 92G. (plan to let him shoot a good bit with the FS then reward him with a G)

Stock Mag release on 92FS INOX with factory rubber houge grips

Now, to double check on if these will be good to go-

96G Elite

D spring, Elite II hammer, Elite II mag release, SS guide rod with Ti coated spring, BUSA factory rubber grips

96G Elite II

plan to do the rubber panel grips

Anyways, all are good for the local meets.

Just want to make sure we are good for the official ones.

Thank you.

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