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300 Blackout vs AR-15 (5.56)


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Acording to Daniel horner, ya. There's a good article on it in the new USPSA mag

But, with Time-Plus this year, does it offer any advantage?

Only if AAC offers another cash bonus to use it and win!

There are some benefits to the 300BLK, but they have nothing to do with gun games.

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So does the 300 Blackout have any advantages over the .223 other than it is a larger cartridge and has more power?

A fair number of matches here use USPSA scoring an I have toyed with the idea of a .300 black out for that. There is usually a fair amount of paper shot and most targets are inside 200 yards. I thought about having a .300 black out upper for these matches only.


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Q: Can 300 AAC Blackout make Major Power Factor in 3-gun competition?

A: Yes. A Sierra 175 MK loaded to 2.245 OAL in Remington brass and with a 7.5 primer with 20.0 grains of A1680 reached 1900 fps in a 16 inch test barrel. The pressure was below SAAMI max.

From the link above work up to it to avoid death etc.

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