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I recently sold off a couple guns, and with the extra cash I picked up a used tac 30 for my 18" 5.56 and have been waiting for a deal on a primary arms micro dot with QD base for my .450 bushmaster.

So, my buddy asks if I want to go pig/coyote hunting in south TX next week. Heck Yes!

Then I realize that I have no short range optic for my 450, and the scope that's sitting on it isn't sighted in. I have two scopes for my 18", on larue mounts so I could swap back and forth. Neither of them are sighted in! I haven't reloaded in weeks, because I put it off till I cleaned up the garage.

I finally have a chance to test out the 450 and I'm not prepared... :sick:

I could order a micro dot, but I'm not sure if it would be here in time. Worse: it would be close to $185 with tax and shipping.

But hey, at least I get to go hunting.

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