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How do you manually switch to new server?

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Try this...make sure the ...\ETC\Hosts file does not have an entry for the old server in it or change it to new if he does.

path in Windows is ... C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

path in Linux/uunix is /ETC

Edited to add: you can edit the HOSTS file with notepad in winidows...vi in unix/linux

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Depending on his network setup and computer security settings he can try a couple of things if he is running windows.

1) If he has access to a DOS prompt, at the C: prompt type in "IPconfig /flushdns" that will flush the internal DNS cache.

2) This is a bit of a "round about way" but... If he does not have access to a DOS prompt, and is in windows XP, vista, or Win 7 it may work.

Turn the computer totally off (not a reboot, totally powered off) wait 10 seconds and back on at least three times OR turn the Computer off and leave it off for at least 15 minutes. That *should* force the computer to re-register its internal DNS table OR get the domain to think the computer is "off" and refresh the internal DNS table. The reason for the "three times" is that sometimes win XP and later will "cache" login and DNS info for three reboots. After that it will request updated info from the network.

3) If you do this, be willing to give websites as an example to the IT people. **If it will get him in trouble at work, don't do this.** Call the IT department and tell them "I am having problems with getting to some pages on the internet, or it is very slow getting there. They recently changed their server IP addresses so could you please take a look and see if we can refresh our DNS information and see if that fixes it?

4) Wait and see if it is just taking time to propigiate and refresh the DNS information to get to the correct place.

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