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Shooting and Training Class with KC Eusebio


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This past weekend I had the chance to be squadded with KC for a 2 day shoot and then followed up with a 2 day class. All I can say is WOW! The experience was worth it in every way. KC is a great shooter and incredibly funny as well. During the shoot he was more than willing to share his knowledge and happy to answer any questions. We all had a blast during the shoot.

The training class delivered more that I could have asked for. KC has a wealth of knowledge to share and knows how to deliver it. Each one of us in the class got the individual attention we deserved and came away from the class much more knowledgable. Everything was explained very clearly as well as the reasons why he uses it. This will help my shooting and I have already noticed an improvement with my dry fire routine. This was an experience that I enjoyed and would recommend to anyone.

It was one of my most enjoyable experiences!

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