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Springfield Loaded Champion


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Hello everyone,

Im looking to purchase something for self defense, and I'm interested in the springer loaded champion. Has anyone had any experience with this or any thoughts on it?



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I've got two. Good solid pistol. One needed some warranty work that included a barrel replacement somewhere between 6-10k rounds but it's been golden since. Not the most accurate gun at a little over 4" at 25 yards but plenty accurate for a SD gun and neither of mine are picky about mags or ammo.

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I have mine either on my hip or next to the bed most of the time. I got the lightweight with a rail, and it's a damn-near perfect do-all gun. The platform is solid and what I compete with, there is enough grip that I can grab it and manage it well, the caliber is proven, and since it's short and lighter I can carry it easily enough.

Never fired for benchrest accuracy, but I wouldn't hesitate to run it as a SS gun in a match. Reliable and combat accurate. Not a bad price, and I can slap a 10 round mag in and a light when I get home. Mine wears some CTG all the time, too.

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I carry a Stainless Champion every day. It also serves as a backup for my Springfield TRP match gun. I sometimes shoot local IDPA Matches with the Champion from my IWB carry rig just for practice. The Heavy barrel and lighter slide makes the gun feel just as fast as my 5” TRP. I think this is one of the best carry guns available…

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