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.44 Mag brass issue on a xl650

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I just purchased a .44 mag conversion for my 650. I am having a problem that about 75% of the time the brass misses the station one locator and ends up getting thrown onto the shell plate by the case insert slide. Dillon suggested that I adjust the cam bolt which I did without luck. I tried slowing down my movement of the press arm and noticed that what seems to be happening in the brass it getting popped up on one side as it enters the station one locator so one side it under the lip of the locator and the other is on top of it. When it reaches the end it just falls out onto the shell plate. The brass is all once fired mixed head stamp but I does not appear that it is just one particular brand having trouble.

Any suggestions? I am starting to wonder if I have a bad locator.


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What caliber were you loading previously? If a rifle caliber, you probably need to turn the case insert cam (97082) around so the pistol side faces the shellplate. THis causes the case to drop later. Also check the body bushing, it should be Large

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Thanks for getting back to me Dillon. I had previously been loading .45 acp and double checked to verify that the insert cam was set for pistol. I've actually never loaded rifle on this machine, but that's my next project. The body bushing installed is the one that came with the conversion kit, but I will double check it when I get home to make sure that it is a large.

Any other thoughts? I have not seen this issue with my other calibers and I can work around it. It would be nice to get it going though.

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