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I lost a dear friend yesterday

Jon Merricks

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Yesterday morning I received a call letting me know a very close friend and coworker had died and his family had not been notified. I knew my friend would rather me tell them than a stranger. I've been trained to give death notification as a LEO but that had always been to a stranger.

Lost my buddy to a heart attack at age 45, wow. He didn't smoke, didnt drink excessively nor was over weight. I really don't understand this. It hurts everyone. Damn!

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Tragic. I'm sorry for your loss and the family's. Way to man up and be the guy that told the family. Very well done.

I remember way back in my 30s I had a friend I bowled with who was 37. Tall, athletic, living the good life. Bowled with him one Tuesday and the next they told us he had died of a heart attack. More than any other single moment in my life that brought into stark relief how mortal we all are and how every single day is a gift that we should not waste.

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